Quotes from a few of our Divas:

“Thank you for doing this for my mom today! We just talked and she’s having an amazing day!” ~ Amanda

“Today was a most awesome day! I truly felt it was about the whole me – and enjoyed every minute. You are doing an amazing job for all women going through this challenge in our lives. Thank you Thank you!” ~ Jean

“Being Diva for a Day gave me the opportunity to live in the moment without thinking about cancer, treatments, or worries about the future. It allowed me to soak up the present, appreciating life and the goodness of others” ~ Annmarie

“Thank you for a truly delightful day!” ~ Michelle

“I feel so fortunate… I spent today, June 12 as Diva at Kaleidoscope Salon in Basking Ridge.. OMG… They treated me like a queen from the moment I approached the door until I left. The only disappointment was I emerged to find my car (the pumpkin) instead of the carriage! Debbie and her staff made me feel so welcome and so comfortable. I went in looking like a drowned rat and emerged a model (ready for a photo shoot) thanks to their staff – head to toe makeover with facial, upper body massage, mani pedi and having hair done.. I will remember this day always and will remember Kaleidoscope’s kindness and caring to make me feel special always. Thank you Diva for a Day for giving me this experience. I love you.” ~ Jeanne

“Every person at the Plaza Salon & Spa was so very kind and considerate and made me feel like a queen; I must say that is even better than a diva!  Every spa treatment was so special (I hate to admit I never had a facial or my make up done before) and to have them all in one day was a pleasure beyond expectations.” ~ Laura

Diva quota – after being told she had been selected to be a Diva for the Day:

“This is such wonderful news – I am truly ecstatic and appreciate it more than you know to have been selected! Thanks again for this special opportunity – I feel so very honored and blessed to be surrounded by the support of so many people.”  ~ Laura